The Glen Legler Memorial Scholarship was set up to benefit kids, to remember our dad, and to celebrate his life by contributing to someone else's future.

Glen Legler was indescribable in a lot of ways, but we will do our best. He was above all else an amazing father, husband, and role model. Family was always his number one priority. Not far behind though, was his job and his passion, which was doing what was best for kids.

Growing up, Dad was an athlete. He loved rodeo and track. He was always involved in extra curricular activities as a student. And he encouraged every kid to find something "extra" to get into, other then just the books. Teaching was always a passion of his; however, it wasn't all about the lessons and tests. He could always see the bigger picture in how one might be able to effect a kids life in a positive way. He was someone who knew what it meant to "work hard at work worth doing". He was the definition of integrity, loyalty, and love. He stayed until the job was done no matter how long it took. He was an inspiration as a father and most definitely as a human being. We don't care what kind of work you want to do someday, or where you want to go to school. Dad loved all kids, and he loved school and sports no matter the area.

Now for the work!

In 5 paragraphs, let us know why you think you deserve a scholarship in our dad's name. We have attached some links so that you may learn more about him. You can check out the comments on the website we created during the week he collapsed. If you read them, you'll see why it was necessary to make a website at all. He touched so many lives that we simply couldn't find a better way to keep everyone updated on how he was doing. He was a community dad. He saw the best in all people and had many friends. If you ever met him and talked to him for more then a few minutes, you were his friend.

Don't feel the need to focus on your own hardships. We'd much rather hear about where you're going, rather than where you've been. You also don't need to compare yourself to our dad. Again, we're interested in the story of where you are going. Finally, don't worry about sending us a letter of recommendation. We want you to write your own letter of recommendation. Thanks so much, and Happy Applying.

This year we will be awarding 1 person $1000.00.

Requirements: This scholarship is for seniors who plan to graduate from a High School in Wyoming. Please send a copy of your high school transcript along with your essay to:

Glen Legler Memorial Scholarship
c/o Patti S. Legler
4021 Crystie Lane
Casper, WY 82609

Please have your submissions in by June 1st, 2021. Money will be awarded upon receipt of a copy of the winner(s) registration with the college or trade school of their choice.


Site put up when he originally collapsed

Built by Jason Legler.